About Infection Music

Infection Music design, build and manufacture electronic musical instruments for discerning musicians. Our products are produced in small quantities to the highest possible standard, with a build quality that excels. We pride ourselves on our on-going support for our legacy instruments, long after they have been discontinued.

Coming soon:

HAYDN Step Sequencer

HAYDN is a four track, eight step sequencer with a fast, intuitive interface and pin sharp timing. Available with MIDI and CV outputs as standard, and a large, uncluttered display, this is a fantastic instrument which simply lends itself to hours and hours of inspiration and improvisation.

Try it and be amazed...

Coming soon: Light Harp

The surprise hit of Maker Faire 2014 the highly popular light harp is our newest addition to the product line. Stemming from a desire for more interactive instruments, and for an interface that would be playable by physically challenged musicians, this light harp is the bee's knees. Practically guaranteed to have you noodling for hours.

Coming soon:

HAYDN Controller Board

... a purpose-built microprocessor board aimed at educators, students and hobbyists in need of a MIDI equipped development system. This innovative design is available in two versions: the Standard and Superior, and both provide multiple MIDI ports, a USB host port, memory, EEPROM, an LCD interface, 16 analogue inputs, digital interface and much, much more. The Superior supports a 32-bit processor and two 12-bit DACS for audio output, and both available in kit form or ready built.

Coming soon:

Plasma Synthesiser

A pure-bred digital synthesiser aimed squarely at the performing musician in need of a rich, expressive performance instrument. A detailed, intuitive front panel designed to get you using the instrument 'hands on' very quickly, and with an integrated step-sequencer based on HAYDN's flexible achitecture, Plasma will demand your attention from the first moment you switch it on.

A classic in the making...

ZEIT and ATEM Sequencers

Software updates, hardware upgrades and technical support

We still support these products and are actively developing upgraded hardware and software to ensure that these instruments continue to be useful tools for enhanced creativity and real-time improvisation.