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22-Jan-23 : An update

1. ZEIT Sequencer Reboot

We've been rebooting the old ZEIT Step Sequencer project over the last year, adding a new CPU board to replace those units that have died in the field. This isn't just a make-over. The original operating system has been completely re-written from the ground up so that we can grow the system exactly as we originally planned twenty odd years ago.

If you have a ZEIT Sequencer and want to join the reboot programme then get in touch. The new CPU boards will not be expensive and they will give your sequencer a new lease of life.

Pictured left is the first customer unit to be fitted with the new CPU card. It worked first time (always encouraging).


2. Eurorack Systems

We've pretty much abandoned our analogue Eurorack projects in favour of digital solutions. Analogue systems are too limited and too temperamental. Too many parts have become unobtainable and a couple of units have failed in the field before we've even started beta-testing.

Gimme digital over analogue every time.

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