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07-Mar-22 : New addition to product line

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Freya Rose on Sunday 6th March 2022 at 0406 hours. Mother and baby doing fabulously.


17-Dec-21 : ZEIT Sequencer Reboot

We've been rebooting the old ZEIT Step Sequencer project in recent months, adding a new CPU board to replace those units that have died in the field.

Here's a link to the Project Diary for those interested.

If you have a ZEIT Sequencer and want to join the reboot programme then get in touch. The new CPU boards will not be expensive and they will give your sequencer a new lease of life.


24-Oct-21 : Eurorack Modules Back in stock

Our first (small) batch of Eurorack modules sold out within minutes. The latest build arrived yesterday from JLCPCB and they look stunning. Here's a couple of photographs to show you what we're releasing next month.

20-Oct-21 : Eurorack Modules Sold Out

We're pleased to report that our first batch of Euroack modules sold out within just a matter of minutes. A second batch is in progress and should go on sale in the first week in November. New modules currently in development include:

  • 1. CEM3340-based VCO
  • 2. Diode ladder VCF
  • 3. Vintage VCA
  • 4. Voltage Processor
  • 5. Vactrol-based VCF
  • 6. Smart Clock Module
  • 7. Mini Sequencer
  • ... and loads of others...

01-Oct-21 : new Eurorack Modules

We're delighted to announce the release of our first six Eurorack modules. These are:

  • 1. IML-MOD-A001 Quad Audio/CV Mixer
  • 2. IML-MOD-A003 Quad CV Generator
  • 3. IML-MOD-A004 LFO
  • 4. IML-MOD-A005 Vintage VCA
  • 5. IML-MOD-A008 Dual AR Generator
  • 6. IML-MOD-A009 Quad Dual Buffered Multi

If you're interested in our modules then please check back here as often as you can or ask to join our mailing list using the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

24-May-21 : The Eurorack Bug Continued

I've made a lot of progress in the Eurorack project - the first four of five modules are working although my noise generator resolutely refuses to make much noise. I'm still exploring that one. Those featured are a collection of rather basic bread-and-butter modules designed to get the full system in a workable state and to establish a good workflow before we commit large amounts of cash to the bigger and more complex designs. The modules are:

  • 1. Quad CV generator
  • 2. Quad Input CV / Audio Mixer
  • 3. LFO with range, rate, waveform and level controls
  • 4. Dual three-output Buffered Multis
The PSU is a Befaco Lunch Bus. It's robust enough to withstand a lot of abuse. Thoroughly recommended.

Next up, a CEM 3340 oscillator core and an ARP White Face VCF, courtesy of Frequency Central.

Anyway, I'm a happy man. I'm still loving this.

Better still, we have our first sale. Yeah, you read that right. We have a sale.

It's been a while,

25-Mar-21 : The Eurorack Bug

I've been well and truly bitten by the Eurorack Bug.

To make progress on modernising and extending the capabilities of our range of hardware sequencers, I set about teaching myself all of the analogue electronics I've forgotten since I left university, and that rabbit hole led to another rabbit hole, and then another, and then another.

The end result? I'm a happy man. I'm loving this. Expect some news shortly...


05-Jan-21 : Customer Survey January 2021

Day #2 back in the old job. Still feels a bit weird.

In an effort to engage with potential customers, we've put together a short Customer Survey. Have a look. Fill it in. Shouldn't take more than a minute to complete.

No spam. No prize draws. No gimicks. Help us to help you.

Click here to take the survey...


04-Jan-21 : First day in the job...

So... here we are again. My first day back in the old job. Feels a bit weird, actually.

Anyway, I'm right into the thick of it, fixing broken code and generally kicking a number of hardware projects back into life. The first problem is actually remembering where I was with so many of these instruments. I last looked at Echo in August. I last switched on Haydn in March. My ZEIT prototype flickered into life slowly and... some of it comes flooding back. Not all but some.

As expected, our time management system, TIM, fell over. It's always had trouble understanding exactly when the first week of the year starts and TIM has recorded that I was missing without permission for most of last week. Fixing TIM is easy but... Lord above, it's remarkable (and embarrassing) how much PHP you forget in a year.

I've added a contact form to this web page so that customers can talk to a human being again. Jenny Lawson will handle customer feedback from now on. Customer Support hours are (for the time being) Monday - Thursday : 0830 - 1730, Friday : 0830 - 1330. The customer support office is closed Saturday and Sunday, and all major holidays.

What are we developing? These are our major interests:

  • 1. Generative Music
  • 2. Imagined Music
  • 3. DSP-based Eurorack Synthesis modules
  • 4. Any device able to locate my spectacles

16-Dec-20 : Echo Synthesiser

This is a slightly updated version of a demonstration video we released earlier in the year to show off some of the progress we'd made with the Echo Synthesiser project.

At the moment, Echo is a small, three oscillator VA monosynth and the video shows off some of the features already in place. The filter response is good but not perfect - I still can't get it to self-oscillate. The effects section works nicely with Flanger, Bitcrusher, Delay and reverb all sounding pretty sweet. External control via MIDI CC works well. Other features are planned including a jump to four note polyphony, an improved modulation matrix and a wider range of filters. Early days but we're incredibly pleased with this little beast. The bottom end really does shake the windows.

This version is just the bare PCB. We're working on a desktop enclosure. A kit form is also planned.

I'll get back to developing Echo in the New Year.

03-Dec-20 : A Fresh Start

This is a temporary web site. It's here because we've been away from manufacturing for a very long time and we need to reassess what we're doing and how we're doing it.

We're fully committed to resurrecting Infection Music in 2021 and beyond. No more distractions. No more side projects. No more teaching. No more tutoring. Just music and synths, and that's it.

We already have a small number of potential products on the test bench and, now that we're free of some past commitments, we'll crank those projects up a notch and see where they go.

Interested? Bookmark the web page and come back in a little while.


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The Customer Support Office is closed Saturday and Sunday, and all major holidays.