HAYDN Step Sequencer

HAYDN is a four track, eight step sequencer with a fast, intuitive interface and pin sharp timing. Available with MIDI and CV outputs as standard, and a large, uncluttered display, this is a fantastic instrument which simply lends itself to hours and hours of inspiration and improvisation.

Try it and be amazed...

PLASMA Synthesiser

Fast, flexible, digital synthesiser with integrated step sequencer. Multiple filter emulations and fast, punchy envelope generators make for an intuitive user interface.

This product is in a very early stage of development. More information will be available when we have it...

ZEIT/ATEM Sequencer

Software updates, hardware upgrades and technical support

The company continues to support these products. The CPU board reached the end of its useful life some years ago and we are actively developing an upgraded CPU board plus operating system based around the Arduino platform. At the moment, all of the major elements function as expected and the only barrier to releasing this solution is simply a shortage of time.