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Infection Music Limited was founded in 2003 to produce thought provoking and innovative electronic musical instruments for the discerning musician.

The company quickly established a reputation for excellence and won immediate recognition for their efforts by winning the Best Start-up Company in the North-East of England under the UK Government's E-Commerce Awards.

The ZEIT and ATEM Step Sequencers became the company's flagship products and remained consistent best-sellers, garnering critical acclaim from customers for their reliability and build quality. Even though ZEIT and ATEM were discontinued in 2009 the company continues to support these instruments with new hardware and software upgrades currently in development.

The company is also hard at work developing new products, such as the HAYDN Step Sequencer, the Plasma Digital Synthesiser and the Light Harp

The company's philosophy remains much the same :

"Design and manufacture the best possible electronic musical instruments in the world at a price that remains affordable but without compromising on quality".

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